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Originally Posted by brents347 View Post
I don't think I've ever heard Mcgrath called JMG. Then again, I just watched the above videos of Mc and RC and still didn't make the connection so maybe I'm slow.

Mac, J-Mac, the King, Mc2, these are nicknames for Mcgrath that I'm familiar with but you learn something new everyday.

Although at the rate I'm forgetting things, one new thing a day may not be enough...

Originally Posted by arkansawyer View Post
I was at Hangtown in '98. RC was absolutely flying on a KX125. He would probably have finished third in the 250 class on the 125, and Hangtown has lots of big uphills that need power.
When Stewart was on a KX125 he was doing things the top guys on big bikes were not. I've seen him tabletop not 2' from a jump to miss it, lap after lap.
I remember Joel Robert the same way. Absolutely the fastest guy around, faster than the open bikes on a 250.
David Bailey, Hannah, O'Mara, Ward, Johnson, McGrath, the list goes on and on.
There have been a lot of impressive riders through the years. Sucks that some of us hammer them for this or that, when none of us normal guys have a fraction of their bike control or determination.
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