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Originally Posted by notmybikemodelname View Post
Glad no one is seriously injured.

As they say, only two kinds of riders. Those that have gone down, and those that will.

I'm a proud bone breaking, riding realist, crushing my first bone at the age of ten, and then about every three years afterwards. . If you ride, you'd better have good insurance. I rank it as the best Farkle you can invest in.
Rob is there such a thing as "riding insurance" that one could purchase for just to cover you if riding? My insurance from work is real shitty and I don't work enough hours to cover myself year round, plus with the $500 deductible it has to bad. Last year when I injured my foot at the "kids ride" I had to pay out of pocket to the doc because I hadn't reached my deductible. Later doc try's to bill insurance and the bill gets kicked back to me for more $$$. Two x-rays no folow-up call like I was told I would get.

Sent the doc a thank-you note via "red brick air mail" but forgot to sign it.

I'll never go to that crook again, but every so often I give his clinic a negative report on yelp. (where I found him)


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Who's the clueless noob?
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