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Originally Posted by Meathead View Post
Have you ever known a freer-breathing engine to get poorer fuel economy?

He is I and I am him. I made it up Mt. Mitchell, along the BRP yesterday - 6,500'-ish, and it still runs like the proverbial raped ape, thank you very much. I did the same thing we did with it that Saturday - 4,000 rpm, full-throttle loaded runs out of 2nd and 3rd. It's strong as an ox and, with those silly silencers out of the Akras, I'm sure I saved a coupla dozen lives.

To Tangai's (indirect) request, I made certain to note gps trip odometer readings at fill-ups yesterday, and calculated mileage: 185 miles on 4.5 gallons = 41.1 mpg. I can't claim that my riding style reflects a concern for fuel mileage, so I'm sure it could do better, but I was too busy wringing it's neck and doing wheelies to care. I doubt that qualifies as "comprehensive," but it's enough for me to be satisfied. As for "how it runs" - again, I'm not certain what you're looking for, but there's no doubt the mid-range and top-end are significantly stronger. The thing just rips.

I haven't had it apart again since our tuning day, and I'm confident our creative gasketing is holding up well, but I may order new stacks and have them on hand for the jetting swap at the Rendezvous.

In conclusion, I'm a huge fan of Sporting Wood's filter dealio. The factory airbox is a nightmare and a PITA. This arrangement simplifies things dramatically, and there's no doubt the performance gains.

Thanks again, mang. I feel like I've got my bike back!
When your driving around where you normally drive around, whats your elevation? (as in when your not going up a mountain?)

Maybe i missed that somewhere?
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