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Originally Posted by twisted-hog View Post
Good to see you are keeping the party alive. But becareful, I've done the hung over ride before in the heat in Montana in the summer. Climbed on my bike no shirt, no helmet, those couple hundred miles where a blur.
Then I did it again
Those are some great photos and video going over the Andes through the tunnels. Is that road only about a lane and a half wide? Can 2 cars pass each other or does one have to pull over?

Funny was just about to ask if you guys had changed rubber yet, but Andy answered ny question.

Looking forward to your future posts with your new camera.
Yeah hung over riding is never any fun. And in my opinion can be just as dangerous as drunk riding, which I NEVER do. The tunnels in the canon del pato are for strictly one vehicle. I came across two cars in a standoff in one of the tunnels and neither one would budge. kinda funny! There are spots on the road where one car can pull off to let another by but not much room between the two. I picked up some Metzelers in Medellin but andy changed his once in Baja and then in Lima. My tires had steel belts showing by the time I got to Medellin and his were close in Lima. Thanks for the post, always great to have some encouragement!
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