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Originally Posted by Rahjah View Post
Has anyone successfully sealed the clutch and stator covers on a 550 using rtv gasket maker and no actual paper gasket?
NO, and it's not worth the cheat to attempt. The bike I purchased for my project had so much sealant used that it looked horrible, still leaked and nearly clogged the frame filter. However, a "SANO" cheat is much cleaner, and works as well as factory - AKA SANO. Trace your cover onto gasket paper (at any auto parts store) or a manila folder, cut it out, and use a paper hole puncher for the bolt holes. Then apply a "THIN" coat of your gasket maker on each side. If there is a gasket, then it was not a machined matched case - it NEEDS a gasket. I prefer gasket assistance by Yamabond 4 = gray, Yamabond 5 = black, also available from Honda and Subaru under different names. The gray is for machined cases, and if used with a gasket, a guarantee no - never leak. But good luck removing the gasket if you ever need to go back in that area again. The black is a snotty type for use with a gasket, and in many cases, the gasket can be re-used. Hope it helps
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