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That's a bummer! You might be able to use the fluted style of extractors that use drill guides. If you're lucky you will find a drill guide that will fit in the screw bore enough to help guide a drill on-center. If the guides are in between sizes then use the largest guide that will fit and wrap electrical tape or some metal shim material (a beer can come to mind) to increase the diameter of the guide until it fits snugly and centered in the bolt hole bore.

After drilling a straight hole then redrill the hole to the size of the largest flute extractor that will fit that leaves some meat. I'd probably use a flute bore of about 80% or 90% of the sheared bolt's outer diameter.

Before trying to remove the sheared bolt, do apply heat to the remainder of the bolt to release the Locktite. You may also pre-spray the remaining bolt with WD40 or some other solution to help break any corrosion that may exist. Pre-spraying with WD (or whatever you choose) does not hurt your chances of releasing the Locktite.

This kit might be useful,

I hope this offers some help. Proceed methodically. You really only get one good shot at repairing this w/o removing the swingarm for some laser work.

I have faith in this technique, so good luck.
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