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More feedback hmm. Well, I'm the token slow new guy and I was on the little bikes ride on my 500 EXC. It's still kind of a blur as I'm pretty well beat. What I can remember is:

Awesome day of riding out at Pachaug with the guys from ADVrider today. I completed the north and south loops without any crashes! Couple of sketchy rock gardens, a surprise log crossing I somehow cleared, another log crossing on a steep climb that I nailed first try(!) without even stopping to look at it and a few water crossings deep enough I had to clean the muck out of the air box tonight. Not to mention the DEEP guy we ran into was cool with our group of six bikes. Oh and sandy whoops with roots and baseball size rocks suck when you don't see one coming through all the dust (slow guy rides in back)!

Seriously though I wanted to say thank you to everyone for a great ride, hopefully I can ride again with you guys before moving to Maryland. I hope I didn't cramp your style too much today.
2013 KTM 500 EXC
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