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Hi oz97tj

I do not know how to exactly explain the front end that I experienced but it felt very unstable and finicky to the slightest touch. My other bike the Tiger 1050 had horrible stock front suspension so I upgraded it. Maybe compared to that I am used to something different. It just felt very unbalanced while turning at slow speeds.

I believe there has been one recall regarding the front suspension so maybe the on I test drove had an issue, I don't know.

As far as the wind. I realize the Adventure screen is not perfect but because I rode it directly after and down the exact same path it was night and day between the two. I thought the new GS windscreen was a bit bad but then after the Adventure I realized how bad.

I am 6'0 so it might be better for someone smaller. As far as sliding around I guess it was more that the bike was (to me) uncomfortably skinny. My Tiger is thicker at the legs than the new GS. I like the beefiness of the GS bikes that they come to me vs I have squeeze me legs like I am riding a horse at full gallop. I do a lot of city riding and lots of starts and stops and want to feel like the bike and I are one. I did not feel that way on the new GS. Just not what I expected and I am glad I am getting the last year of the air cooled.

I don't see how they are going to make an adventure version of that bike without changing it drastically.

Just my thoughts.
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