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Hey guys, got it pretty well assembled today. After working on the ground all day, I can see the value in a bike lift! Just like you guys were saying, all of the parts found their home eventually! Thanks for your help with the mystery part, I was able to put it in place before I put the head on thank goodness. Need to finalize the tension on the cam chain tomorrow and then put the valve cover on and the exhaust, coolant etc, but I am getting close! Thanks for the input on the mystery part! It went smoothly except for the circlip for the piston took entirely too long, and then I was chasing my tail a bit on getting the cam timing correct. Back at it tomorrow!

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I guess I came in late in this thread, I just saw the "mystery" part. Are you assembling after a top end rebuild? Are you sure you got your cam timing right? Did you turn it a full cycle by hand after assembling top end? Sounds like you gotta pull the head anyway to install the damper.... Look at piston and valves for contact, like Beezer said, possible bent valves. Post pics if in doubt, and we can tell you how to check your valve seating.
Going with the 685 kit from Eagle Mike and I was able to pick up a head and complete top end from @larryboy.
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