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Well Ladies & Gents,

I've owned the 2011 GSA, 2010 F800GS and now I ride the 2013GSA.

Yes, it is different. But that was to be expected with such a radical redesign. There is actually very little I DONT like about it. Only 2 things come to mind:

1. New indicator switch. It is awkwardly placed so that I have to shift my hand to signal a left turn. That is if I am covering the clutch while riding. When I DONT cover the clutch, all is fine.
2. There are no trumpet blasts from heaven signalling the cavalry charge ;)

To be honest, the front end IS a slight bit more skittish than the GSA. But in my opinion, that is also to be expected. The GSA is a TANK fer g'dsakes. This is just the GS. The screen has NO problem, the fact that it is adjustable just counts more in it's favour. Granted, I didnt like the big GSA screen and had it replaced with a smaller one.

Just remember what the GS actually IS: an adventure TOURER, not a dirt bike (although apparently it is quite good at that if handled correctly)
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