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Originally Posted by MartiniUp View Post
CK the pilot jet while you are in there. Should be a 60 or 62 for best starting. Try a 160 main. They come way too lean from the factory. I would also bet three nickels the stator is just fine. I have had four XR4s and feel the stock carb is not a problem at all.
I've told this on here before, and I don't mind telling it agn..I had starting issues with the stock carb and had it apart several time trying to figure out what the deal was.

Had the 62 pilot jet in it and we kinda felt for some stupid reason, it just wasn't big enough. Was at my friends shop using his "carb work bench" where he rebuilds his carbs and he has a set of super tiny drill bits. Had the 62 in my hand and was looking for a drill bit that would not fit into the 62. Found one that would and got the next size bigger that would not fit. Used it to ream or drill out that 62. My best guess now would be that my converted 62 is probably a 65 or a 70 now. Since then, no starting issues! It lights up now on less that 3 kicks, when before it would take 50-60 kicks.

We don't have a clue as to why the 62 wasn't doing the job, when everyone else's 62 seemed to do But I am happy with it and it's working for me. And thats what I did to fix it.
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