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Belt thoughts: A belt that snaps is a different event than a belt that's worn narrower-that simple. Cortez suggestion to avoid the Kevlar Italian belt is helpful info-thank you for something useful. FWIW, in comparison my Kawasawki Mule(a slow moving 17hp UTV with CVT drive and pulling a heavier machine/loads at real low revs) the belt looks new @ 300+ hours and has no narrowing or cracking. I priced the belts anyway & found prices for $38 to $140+ for the same belts all made by a couple of the common drive belt mfgs in USA. I wonder how "generic" is the BV350 belt? Perhaps the cost or quality is found in one of the "regular mfgs" parts lines? Worth looking.
My interest was simply how much trouble to change & if it was costly or short lived. Seems to be answered, thanks.
I've still yet to ride one or even sit on it. My larger question for now is my short legs as I have 29" inseam. Sure, I can "ride them all" but nice to back pedal in a lot or on the roadside to not take a flying leap as it falls. Simply leaning to one side or the other isn't a solution measure. I seriously doubt that you can lower the suspension much on a scoot like lowering lings and front tube sliding on a MC? Shaving the seat would seem to be it???
It does have a 31in seat height. So at a stop light you'd likely have to lean to one side a bit or at least not be able to flat foot it. For backing up - it is so lightweight, you can move it around off the scooter OR back up while standing up (i.e. not sitting down but astride the scooter). Very easy to maneuver. I wouldn't want to lower it at all. Don't know if you could.
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