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little bit of an update


I haven't updated this thread in a minute. So off we go...

Game 10 has started and is over. Team Ramrod took it again. It was located at a covered bridge in PA.

Game 11 has started and recently ended. Team Ramrod once again. I was getting desperate towards the end of this game but we got it. It was found in West Monroe at the Duck Dynasty HQ.

Game 12 is the current game. We are three clues in and were given a picture of the drop location on clue on. The picture will be in this post. I try to stay off the forum because the players of the game will search for the photos and be lead here with google image search. However, the game maker is going to be changing some things up. These changes will modify team ramrods ability to secure the win. He is going to make it cost money to use locals to uncover the artifacts. I am not sure how he will implement this but it will definitely effect the way we play.

Here is the picture of Game 12's drop. If you know it, I will guide you through the steps.

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