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Originally Posted by bracky72 View Post
I had the realization today that I live in a pretty small town. I am out and about quite a bit and this was a young guy. We are going to come face to face once of these days.

My wife is definitely a keeper. :)
I hope so, but I wouldn't hold my breath. A guy like that probably lives under a rock back in the deep stix. I lived in a small town in Wyoming (about 7,500 people) and divorced my not-a-keeper wife with whom I had two kids. I talked to her on the phone now and again baout the kids, but amazingly in the ~9 years I lived in that town after the divorce I saw her around town maybe five times. Perhaps I was subconsciously avoiding her, I don't know... When I decided to move to Virginia the kids told her what was going on (they were both out of college and on their own by then) she called and said she'd like to see me one more time before I moved away. I declined, I'd had enough of her company for a lifetime 9 years earlier.

Point is, I hope the damned cops will do their jobs and find this asshole for you and you don't have to hope you just run into him some day. Personally, I think you've had enough of an encounter with the jerk already, hopefully next time you see him will be in court. So, what if you had been killed? Do you think the cops would just shrug and drop it? Yeah maybe you live in a rural area/small town, but hitting someone with a motor vehicle and driving away is a ferking crime EVERYWHERE to my knowledge.

My son broke his femur about four inches below the hip when he was in college (he still won't confess how this happened...) and got a titanium rod put in and it's still there. He's a pilot and the metal detectors in the airports don't even pick it up. My brother got hit by a car and broke the shite out of his tibia, had a rod put in, and it has stayed for many years. He says the only thing he really notices is that the leg with the rod in it gets cold faster than the other leg.

Glad you're healing and feeling better! Maybe get your Mom and wife to go kick the well-rested cop in the ass and get him on this case.

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