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Originally Posted by GrouchyGeezer View Post
What larryboy said.

However, your statement: " The bolt just kept spinning but wouldn't come out. I put a little sideways English on it and the bolt came out. Minus the threads. " is very thought provoking.

Do you think the bolt may have been broken before your application of "sideways English" ? Once the broken bits have been removed, check the swing arm for an elongated hole where the shock bolt resides.

Best of luck.

BTW, Locktite gives up its grip at about 250 - 300 degrees F.
I am positive the bolt was broken before I ever touched it. There was zero resistance when I started to loosen it, it just spun in place. By "sideway English" I meant that in order to get the borken bolt out, I sort of angled the Allen wrench and then was able to pull the broekn bolt out.

Originally Posted by Handler View Post
Had this exact same scenario on my '01 1150 GS three or four years ago. My solution was to cut the the shock bushing on the right side. I was fortunate enough to have a few mm of the bolt protruding from the swing arm once the shock was out.
From that point the bolt came out easily. I run Bitubo shocks and had to re-create the right side bushing by using the left side bushing as a pattern.

Hope that helps
It does help, thanks.

I looked at removing the swingarm. I've done it on 1100 and 1200GS's, but this just didn't look like fun.

Fortunately, a buddy of mine own a fabrication shop. He's going to come down Tuesday after work and get the thing out for me.

If I don't do like Handler did and cut it out first.
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