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Originally Posted by y0y02369 View Post
But I don't know, it's just always been a dream of mine to ride n camp up there!

Then you should do it.

I'm not fond of redoing the same routes either.

It's not that

Only time i do, is to plan it out. I have Nuvi but have a hard time routing maps... is the Zumo better for that kind of stuff?? Thanks for the forum though!

Ever thought of leading some rides through this area?? I have led a couple and it was awesome!
Have a hard time routing maps? You mean routing from a paper map?
I use a paper map primly to get the Big Picture. However, I can use it as a source for routing points.
I have an old Zumo, a 450 which I like very much. I can make routes up on my home computer with MapSource and download them to the Zumo if I want. And I can save a ride as a route. But I donít like long dedicated routes. I always change my mind and want to go a different way. But the Zumo resist that and tries to bring me back onto my original course

I like auto routing, itís flexible, and if I deviate from the route it will just give me a new route to my target. Itís easer just to make a route up on the my home computer though.

What it amounts too, with auto routing I can pick the roads I want to ride as I go. The Zumo just lets me know, very quickly, if the road I have chosen can get me to my target. I find it a lot fun to ride this way. And itís an essay way to discover new roads and routes too ride.

How many ways can I get to Bonne Doon?

I have found this technique works best if the target is less then 30 miles as the crow files. However, I once crossed western Oregon, south to north, all on back roads using only 5 points to route me. It was a great ride.

If had to buy a new GPS, Iíd likely buy the Montana.

If you like Group rides; South Bay Riders forum has a Group ride folder.
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