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Originally Posted by Squelch View Post
Would something like a Concours 14 be too much for there? Whaddya think? If the bike isn't allowed on the highway, it may be overkill for the side roads. But it would be better for riding two up when my wife comes and joins me, and I'd keep it much longer too.
Even though motorcycles are not permitted on the expressways/toll roads, some of the secondary highways permit some pretty high speeds.
I think the reason I liked the VStrom in Korea was for the following: small/light enough to be considered manuverable, big enough motor to cover miles comfortably, a little bit of wx protection, and nice upright seating position to allow good visability in traffic. i even covered some umimproved roads every now and then. And as mentioned earlier, this is the land of the speed bump. The VStrom was nice for dealing with these little buggers.
Consider getting a GPS mounted to any bike you bring. I had an older model Garmin (Quest II), and even w/o map data, it was still nice to leave a "bread trail" when I went out exploring on my own. It took me about 4 months to get really comfortable getting around Korea....learning the roads, figuring out gas stations, where to eat, what roads i could ride on, reading the road signs, and of course, dealing with the traffic/drivers.
Insurance. This was a pain for me, but I ended up going with USAA. I comment more on this if you like.
Good luck!
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