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250 miles on my new 2013 1200gs wc and absolutely love the bike!

I grew up riding dirt and had a few sport bikes I'm my college days. Rode a Harley for the past 6 years and sold it to buy this bike.

All I can say is that I don't have any other BMW's to compare this bike to other than riding my father's '08 k bike but this new bike inspires confident riding! The front end is just light enough to have fun with it but allows carve paved roads and is good enough to go off road at the same time. I've never ridden a bike that was so comfortable, handled the street so well and could also blast down fire roads with such confidence.

Wind protection seems adequate and the adjustable fairing is very nice.

I also dislike the turn signal switch but that's about it!

Again.... I don't have the older bike to compare this with but I love riding this bike more each time I take it out. I guess that's not hard to do after riding a Harley for the 6 years though :-). It's just nice to have a bike that turns again!
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