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Originally Posted by ddavidv View Post
Somewhere along here I get behind Mr Saddlebags on his Harley. Now, I have friends with Harleys, so I'm not a hater. But WTF is it with most of these guys? I was stuck behind this non-ATGATT guy for several miles as he plodded along, oblivious to me behind him, which wouldn't have been as bad if his bike wasn't running so rich it made my eyes water. I can't count the number of times I've been behind one of these things and they reek of unburnt fuel (this guys was not the only one today, in fact).
Ha! It's funny you mention that. I was up in your state yesterday at Gettysburg and thought the same thing. Not one of the Hardly riders had any gear on-unless you count a leather vest as riding gear. My buddy and I were sitting on the deck of a restaurant and every time one went past, the smell was terrible. You've got a beautiful state by the way...
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