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The Beaver April 19 ~ 21

So I’ve had quite a few people ask me what the ‘Beaver Rally’ is………
It’s just a small ADV gathering at a Murphy, NC campground. Here’s my little story of the first Beaver this year.

Here's some pics;

Gentri and ABHulgan chatting up on North River Rd.

Davis Creek Rd, just past the muddy bits.

AABHulgan and I as we had set out that Sunday morning on a dual sport ride home from Murphy NC.

Ya..... The water was up and the NFS blocked the way just a teeny bit.

Brent's retaliation of the NFS closing a road b/c of a collapsed road.

I don't really know why Brent is posing like that, maybe he had to pee or something. But this was at a super cool campground and my DR had just a few more miles to roll over 30k

Ta Da!!!!! Who knew!? My lil baby ! I bought her new in 2007 and we've been together since!

And this was on the way home close to Ellijay on the TET. See if Brent hadn't skipped this part on his trip a couple of weeks ago, he woulda known not to go that way
Don't worry I've got more pics from this past Friday's ride to post as well.

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