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So on the way home from that trip I not stopping for anything other than food and fuel and the bathroom.

I went thru Augusta and was on 129 heading towards some town somwhere. I was hoofing pretty good around 70+ as I was wanting to get home before dark.

Then sure enough, I got clocked and a state trooper was flashing his lights from the opposite direction, I saw him turn around in my mirror heading right behind me.

So I pulled over close to a gas station. I'm not one to argue when I know I was speeding. After 5 minutes I was finally uncovered enough for him to be surprised I was a girl, and he proceeded to write me my ticket.

Not 15 minutes had passed, then I was suiting back up. I sat on the bike, ready for it to fire up again.....................

And it didn't.

Ugh, so the Trooper rolled down his window and asked me what the problem was. I answered, he replied he had jumper cables. Since it was the only thing I had at the time, I went with it.
I uncovered the battery, he lifted the hood on the car and left the car running.

Then one of the few times I've paid some attention to others telling me about the size of batteries and the amount of energy flowing blah, blah, blah......

I asked the trooper to shut off his car I was very proud to then start my bike and thanked the trooper for not leaving me, when he could have.

He asked me for my ticket back, I handed it to him. He tore it up and told me to watch my speed heading home.

Super cool.

So I did get home and without the ticket.

Now for some Beaver 2013 RR
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