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As mentioned, the Queen didn't want to ride on Saturday but I had time for a quick run out to Lake Superior. First stop was Little Girl's Point. There's a nice park and campground there, poorly run by the county. We go to the beach sometimes but haven't camped there for years because the place gets taken over by "squatters"- locals who park their campers there all summer and just go out on weekends to use them. The management allows unlimited stays so that's what people do. Cheaper than buying lakefront property I guess.
The view east from one of the (currently vacant) campsites. If you're wondering about the little concrete house that's sitting in the water, all I can tell you is that it's a little concrete house that sits in the water. And it's fun to jump off of.

This charming little homestead is at the mouth of Oman's Creek. There's a boat launch ramp across the creek from the house. The creek is constantly needing to be dredged and you can see in the background how it's filled in now- no dredging yet this year.

Lots of pro-mining signs around. Here's one I hadn't seen before:

Rode along the lake to Superior Falls, near the mouth of the Montreal River. During the drier months this is reduced to a trickle because most of the water goes through a pipe into a powerhouse to make juicitricity, but right now it's full. A few years back a guy took a kayak over this fall. There was much publicity, camera crews, a helicopter, you know, just the usual stuff a guy needs for some early season boating. You can Youtube the event I'm sure. Anyway, here's the falls. The main drop is something like 50 feet.

The saner boaters run the section of the river further upstream, between Saxon Falls and Superior Falls. There were three folks at the take-out here; they said the conditions were ideal.

Side note: What is it with kayakers and Subarus? Is there some kind of deal, buy 3 boats and get a free Sube? I happened to be in Washburn last year during a sea kayak festival of some kind, and I swear, the town was overrun by Outbacks with roof racks.

Above Saxon falls is a dam with another pipe that feeds water to another powerhouse that generates another 1.21 jigawatts of electricity. Here's the dam:

And here's the powerhouse, and by the way, the kayakers put in here- they carry the boats down a long flight of stairs not visible in the foreground:

And in case I got my facts screwed up, here's the official version:

You may have noticed that most of the snow is gone. One of the oddities of lake effect snow is that right near the lake not a lot of snow falls, while a few miles inland we get dumped upon. There was 12 to 18 inches of snow on the ground in town, and almost none at the lake.
Well, that was my Saturday ride. I predict that on Sunday afternoon, my wonderful wife will take her first ride of the year, and since I'm typing this on Sunday evening, chances of my prediction being accurate are better than average,
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