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The Beaver April 19 ~ 21

Here's my lil story of the first Beaver this year;

I left mid-morning April 27 on my ever faithful DR 200, loaded w/ tent, sleeping bag/pad and bare essentials. B/c I don't 7:30 is toooo early I called Gentri to see if he was going to go to Crawford's and camp out. After he became cognizant, he agreed to get his rear in gear and meet me at the campground around 1ish.
I slabbed it Hwy 64 all the way the only exciting event was a turkey vulture almost flew in my face. I wasn't gonna fight him for that road kill
As I was getting closer to Crawfords on Beaver Dam Rd, I got passed by a herd of KTM's, DRZ's and maybe some others mixed in there. So missing the lunch crowd, I rolled into Crawfords and immediately spotted Al Tuna's cool rig, but didn't recognize anyone else.
After setting up my lil bivey tent and trying out my new butterfly chair, in less than 30 minutes Gentri rolled up. As he set his tent up, we formulated a short ride plan.
On our way out of Crawford's we met RC, Monte, Twisty, Ashley and some others from the Dirty Ride. As a few of them were battling a case of hangovers they opted for short riding that day.
Gentri and I went to town first, then headed to Davis Creek Rd. I was still a skiddish from the St Patty Day debacle, I hope I didn't hold Gentri back too much. We met a couple of BMW riders on that road and pressed on.
Gentri and I heeded not the closed signs of Davis Creek and rolled down the mountain into the NFS campground, to have a good listen to the strange noises coming from Gentri's KLR.
His starter relay was replaced by a brand new lawnmower relay. His starter motor wanted to restart, shorting out the relay on something of the bike. We never could figure it out, maybe he's looked into it since then but I dunno. I actually had to get a starter relay for my DR in order to make it to the Beaver.
We rode thru the new green growth of leaves and golden sunshine in the valley of Davis Creek.

We stopped for a few minutes at the fish hatchery and saw leaping rainbow trout packed in pools. As we walked back to the bikes, Gentri mentioned his not wanting to ride back thru Davis Creek b/c of his street oriented tire on the slick mud parts of the construction on Davis Creek Rd. I'm not completely familiar w/ Tellico, but I know the basics and I thought I could come up with another way back to camp.
But as I ventured on to North River (I knew ABHulgan was camping there that night) I couldn't think og a better way to re-route. I'm sure many guys are positive about the way back via Joe Brown and Whit Rd, but I wasn't. I stopped and told Gentri he was being a pansy, he has mad skills and he agreed to try as best he could.
As it was getting darker we turned around and headed back towards that small community.
Woa!! We almost caught ABHulgan w/ his pants down on North River tho!
We stopped and chatted for a bit;

"If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything" SuckerPunch

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