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Originally Posted by Squelch View Post
The funny thing is that I've been in the Army 20 years, and have never been to Korea. Yet, I know a few Korean phrases, just because almost everyone goes there at some point, and things like (and I'm butchering the transliteration of this, Im sure) kom-sa-me-dah have made their way into Soldier vocabulary. So when I read your post, I recognize "ajumma" as a word I've heard people say, but never really knew what it is.

I'm psyched to get over there and start a new job, and to adventure in a new country. Thanks for all the advice, folks.
Ajumma is easy enough to look up in Google. ;-) Interesting about the soldier vocab.

I've been to South Korea about ten times and what with my wife's constant travels to and fro', have actually considered moving. That they don't let bikes on highways really pisses me off tho.

Also something to keep in mind while you're there... I'm sure USFK has some mechanisms to help improve life for you folks there but the KTO - Korea Tourism Organization - has also been making great efforts. If there is something you need and can't find (and the commissary can't help), or if some taxicab driver decided they didn't want to pick up a non-Korean, or whatever, they can sometimes help.
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