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I almost thought I'd take off with his cookies, but it ain't right to take a man's cookies while he's camping;

We made plans for having breakfast in the morning at local diner in Murphy.
As Gentri and I got closer to our ascent of Davis Creek Rd, he ventured ahead of me with intentions of keeping his momentum uphill. I poked along, then came to a sharp left turn, finding Gentri snug against a bobcat! His seat had come off! And in hopes of giggling it back, he kept going straight, not making the turn.

Hence why his seat came off, but he could always fix that electric problem easier without the hassle of bolts

He did fine going up the mud and rock stuff;

Back at camp it was awesome of Gentri to grill the hamburgers and awesome of RC to put the gathering together. It was awesome to see everyone and good to see Ashley and Mr Blank.

The fire pit was honored by the burning of RC's boots and I seriously was concerned when I saw how fast those things went in flammage. It was a good low key night.

And super cold! Although I was super warm, snug and toasty in my $200 sleeping bag and new silk liner Even the heavy frost in the morning wasn't a debbie downer for me.

I had half of my gear packed before I crawled out of my tent. ABHulgan rolled into camp around 8:30 and Gentri had taken the offer of free breakfast so I packed up and on the way out said my farewell's and goodbyes. Coming to the flashing light at the end of Hanging Dog I followed Brent down a FS road I had completely forgotten we had been on 3 years prior. It ends at the lake in Murphy and there is a road alongside the lake heading into town.

We traveled as far as could on the shore, but it was far. Then headed on the FS, but as you can tell from the pics, it was a valid attempt to get thru but alas the fates were not on our side;

After breakfast and seeing a sweet 919 and Triumph we rolled outta town into the North Ga Mtns via back roads and steep, super steep, super super steep climbs to my DR. The main thing I was thinking that entire day was the fact that my baby DR was going to roll over 30k at some point that day. I could only hope that it would be on a dirt road.
At some we came to a gate. All I know is that this road is on the TET (which Brent had done the Southeastern part a couple of weeks ago). But as I tried to talk Brent into going past the gate, he decided not to do so, (probably wise). He used his rear tire to turn his motorbike around. Fancy Pants;

Finally my DR did make it to 30k!!!!

I do believe it was on some road that I was on St Patty's Day, the day of the sprocket falling off the bike. Somewhere in N Ga on a dirt road, near Springer Mtn ish.

Just prior to rolling over, we stopped and had lunch at this cool campground;

Not really sure why ABHulgan is standing that.........
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