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As I so accurately predicted, the Queen went riding with me Sunday afternoon. Yay! I really enjoy riding with her. I'm not sure why- after all, she's slow on the road, timid in the woods, slows me down, holds me back, lags behind, and complains about riding in sand. But we've been married thirty-, let's see, thirty-four years, so I'm kinda fond of her, and after all, she didn't start riding until her mid 40s, so It's not surprising that she's not a natural hard charging rider. I just feel fortunate to have a wife who rides at all, even if it's not as often as I do.
Oh yeah, and her bike has a nice big rack so we can take a cooler if we want.
Here's the Queenbee and her little mountain goat:

And here's the cliche' over the shoulder shot:

Nice place north of Bessemer. My wife used to clean the guest house (visible behind the barn) and the main house (out of sight over the crest of the hill), until the owners got transferred out of state. The house is said to be the highest residence in Gogebic County, and while I can't verify that, I've been on the front deck and the view is incredible- you can see all the way to Superior, and you are looking down on Copper Peak. The property is for sale for something like $660,000, which may not sound like a lot to a city buyer but around here it might as well be a hundred thousand million. Reportedly, the local realtors didn't even want the listing- they had to list it elsewhere.

We rode out to Rainbow Falls, probably the most popular of five very popular waterfalls on the Black River. To see them, you hike a quarter mile, then go down about 10,000 steps:

To this platform:

The water is so close that it's hard to photograph, but the sensation is amazing. You can barely hear to have a conversation, and the platform vibrates from the flow. Today the falls were as full as I've seen them, and the rainbow was working:

That guy in the picture had the better vantage point- but you have to hike up the other side of the river from down at Black River Harbor, and we weren't into that much walking. Done it many times, but not today.

Down at the harbor we watched this guy make slick work of getting his boat on its trailer with a strong cross-current running:

The ski hills have been closed for almost a month now but this one looks like it still has enough snow to be rideable:

Speaking of snow, we had a fair amount this year, and heavy snow loads can be hard on structures. Here's one that didn't make it:

And here's a closing shot:

Don't really know what to say about his one.... Words to live by I guess.

Might be a couple weeks before I get out again. The snow should be all gone by then; maybe it'll be dry enough in the woods to hit some trails.

Thanks for riding along,
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