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Weekend Update #3

Sunday morning, time to go find out why that @#$% bike was running so lousy yesterday!

Here is what greeted me;

I'm pretty sure gas isn't supposed to be orange! Time to tear it all apart and find out whats wrong; drained the system and stated looking at every piece and part. Disassembled the petcock (for the umpteenth time), took apart the carbs, flushed the fuel tank, etc, etc.

Besides some unidentifiable gunk in the gas tank, one of the old gaskets in the fuel valve had come apart and deposited a nice chunk right in the valveway, you can see the offending bit in the lower right;

After cleaning, removing the brass screen and opening the rubber valveway holes up with a drill;

Cleaning the carbs, while apart I lowered the needles one clip (she was fat in the middle);

And a new throttle cable from Sport Moto in Eugene, the Sudco cable was junk;

Did a lot of other little stuff, did a compression check, adjusted the idle bleeds, etc and synched up the carbs a little tighter than before. Reassembled and went for a ride. Oh mama! From bottom to mid range, runs really good, jetting is still too fat but will work on that. Getting closer.

Just to top off the day, decided to service the clutch and install the heavier springs. Cleaned the centrifigal filter, inspected all the discs, cleaned and reassembled with new springs. Would of completely finished but the side cover gasket was wrong. Torn down;

Leaving for the first vintage race Friday night, lots to do, but we will get there!
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