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Originally Posted by BlindManJack View Post
Hello all- I have been reading a lot about the new Liquid cooled R1200GS and how great it is. It seems every review from the World Launch in South Africa is a raving review. I test drove one last week and I wonder what the hell was in the water that all those reviewers where drinking.

I was sorely disappointed with this new BMW. It was such an utter let down that I was almost speechless after the test ride. That was until I rode a 2012 R1200GS Adventure over the exact same route.

First off it is hard to even call this new version a 1200GS. It is so skinny it feels like the 800. The front end is hopeless and is almost scary. The wind screen might as well not even be there, It does almost nothing. As a result of the skinnier frame you slide around the bike a bit and it feels more like my Triumph Tiger 1050 or the Ducati Multi Strata. Not only is the wind screen useless the slimmer frame results in much more full body wind buffeting as well. Far more than my Tiger 1050.

The crazy thing is, that the guy at the dealership said I am not the first one not to like it. Actually many people don't and many of the staff are not a fan either.

The only good thing about this bike is the engine. It is fun, alive and has great torque throughout the whole range. It once again does not feel like a GS. It feels like my Tiger or a Multi Strada.

All of the BMW GS's competition has spent years chasing the clear winner in the class....the GS. With this liquid cooled offspring, it seems to me that BMW took two steps backward to join them instead of staying in the lead.

I am so glad I test drove the Adventure right after. Now that is what the GS should feel like. Big, stable and amazing. I do wish it has a little more get up and go, but all the other advantages far outweigh that.

So I pulled the trigger today on a 2013 R1200GS Adventure Triple Black. I will add a full Akrapovic exhaust system to get a little more power and I can't be happier.

I am curious to hear the thoughts of others who have test drove the new water cooled GS or who have a new one, that also had the air-cooled version.

Cheers and looking forward to your responses.
I have to ask myself: How large/fat are you? The windscreen is a perfect fir for me. No wind on my body, no buffeting on my helmet. It is easy to drive and still plenty large. I do have to say I am not the largest.
Done about 1800 miles on mine and very pleased with it. There are some minor details that could be better,but overall it is fine.
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