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I had started a "Trip Planning" thread, but kind of fell off the bandwagon with it, so hopefully I can keep this a bit more up to date.

First, I'm Chris. 25, originally from Maine, now living in Texas, and never had a true adventure. I'm a rider through and through, and have ridden just about every type of motorcycle, or offroad vehicle since I was 9. I rode MX for a while, and eventually traveled and paid the bills as part of a Sportbike Freestyle team (stunt riding).

How did I get into the ADV scene you ask? Well, the following video explains it:
It's very long and boring, so here is the readers digest:
I've always turned wrenches since I was young. Decided to go to school, was approached by BMW to go through their factory training, and eventually wound up in the dealership environment. Education: Check. Career: Check. (Or so I thought. For a multitude of reasons, and the pains of Big Business, I found myself as my own worst enemy. I refused to be a hack, and unfortunately it seems in this field, that type of behavior is handsomely rewarded.) I learned pride was more valuable to me than numbers in my bank account.

I suppose the next step was settling down and starting a family. After a several year relationship turned south as I started to let myself believe the truths I had been denying, I suddenly found myself in a place I didn't want to be, doing something I wasn't proud to be doing for a profession and now to top it off, I've got a overpriced shiny rock that I no longer need. Ain't that a bitch...

After feeling sorry for myself for a while, I was trying to find a way out of this funk that I was in. Somewhere along this time, I found That was it. It was time for a new chapter. Personal life was in a hell hole. Work had went to shit. Empty promises of change were getting old, and enough was enough. I put in my two weeks notice and things went as amicable as possible. The ring went back. Instantly, I found myself scouring craigslist. KLR. DR. DRZ. F800gs. Finally I settled on an XR650R. Beat the snot out of it as a supermoto for a few months.

Ran like a top, no issues, so the conversion began. Skiplate, stock wheels, stator upgrade, lighting upgrade, power outlet, heated grips, sahara tank, racks, bags, on and on. I bought all my riding gear used, from the fleamarket.

So where to? The TAT. Coming from a dirt background, it's the perfect homage to the 'roots' of my riding. Never used a GPS before, so I had better learn. And that's just the beginning...

I won't be on the TAT until near the end of May, but I'll be leaving Houston, Texas around the next week or so. Where I'll go in the mean time, I have no idea. Probably somewhere between here and the east coast. Maybe I can find some free or cheap camping and bide my time in some neat places along the way.

And then what? My budget is decent, so where to after that? North? Alaska? South? Mexico? Patagonia? I won't eat cow brain, so can I survive on papaya, bananas, and cervezas that long? Where will I end up when the bank account is empty? Who knows. That's the beauty of it. No job waiting for me. No kids and wife at home. Essentially, my life has all been sold off, and now fits on the back of my bike. Home is my bike. It's all gone. 10 years worth of stuff have been compressed into 2 panniers and a drybag. As scary as that is, it's a freeing feeling as well.

Sometimes its just not about the goddamn money.
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