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Originally Posted by brents347 View Post
Thanks for that refresher. It is good to remember that as we think of Villopotos place in the list of all time greats.

It is interesting, but I don't think most people (myself included) think of RV2 as one of the truly greats yet. But based on the titles, how can we not? And as someone pointed out, were it not for the big crash and broken leg while battling Dungey in 2010 (RV was leading the points slightly, no?), RV2 may already be a 4 time consecutive champ!

No one doubts Mcgraths place as the SX king, and yet he is currently being matched by a kid we don't hold in the same regard. It will be interesting, with RV's seemingly declining interest in the importance of motorcycle racing in his life, to see how long he continues to ride and whether he will continue to win titles.

Not in the same regard because he's not a "show time!" Rider?
He just gets the job done with no fanfare surrounding him.
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