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I don't mean to start a shitpot but....I had a set of a3's on my gsa for the last 2k, on road as everyone commented theyre very well planted, wet is ok although the 2's felt to me a bit more predictable once you started to push on road, well that's another story, im completely disappointed in them, if the bike is completely upright traction is ok but once you start to transition thru turns traction just falls ff the deep end, w the 2s I could feel the grip on the edges, I could settle the bike coming hard into a turn slightly tip in and modulate the rear around the turn w the throttle, this a3 wont let me do that, if I push the front ever so slightly it immediately looses traction and wants to wash out from under me.

little time after I got them I saw they were coming out with this anakee wild model and then it cliqued in my head, they discontinued the 2 and split the segment into 2 groups, the more street oriented A3's for the very occasional dirt traveler and the Awild for the more dirt oriented riders....I may be wrong but seems very apparent
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