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Rhonda be strong.
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Originally Posted by cyclingtom View Post
Hey! I thought we got rid of that Dr. Who shit

em is fighting words to Mick...

Originally Posted by cyclingtom View Post
This is my fifth Subbie. Every car has its issues but these (Subaru's) have provided pretty good service over the years.

Honda's are quite nice too.
I've had 2, but they span from 1988 to present.
My first one... an 88 gl was a gift.
My vehicle at the time was an 82 Datsun Diesel King Cab. I bought the truck in 84 wrecked, then fixed it up as I am want to do. My pops had just retired and bought the Subaru. He was bitching about one thing or another about the car, and I said (trying to be a smartass) "Well if you have so many bitches about the car, I'll trade you straight up for my truck" My Father didn't hesitate..."Okay" he said. I was a blue collar kid... my folks did what they could for me, but the only predecessor for the car was a Fuji Bicycle. I was blown away.
Latest is an 01 Outback... Both cars were/are my wife's.
A matter of trust for me.
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