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Originally Posted by sp600 View Post
Interesting thread! I am really interested in owning an EV motorcycle one day. Passing up gas stations on every ride must be very free-ing.
Indeed, it is nice to NEVER stop for gas.

The fact that the maintenance cost is low is great but it seems like there is very little to do in the first place. So this technology not only saves money but time. Very Eco- friendly as well.

It's interesting that you say the suspension takes big hits well but is harsh with smaller stuff because usually it's the opposite. If the suspension can take big hits usually there's a lack of firmness at lower speeds or when hitting smaller objects. If adjusting it doesn't work you might need to change the fork oil for a lesser weight.
Yes, that is odd. My current sag adjustment on the rear shock is more than suggested in the manual so the spring is softer but small bumps and road irregularities come right through to the seat. I have both rebound and compression damping in the middle of the range.

The fork is more compliant than the rear shock. I will play with the dials more this weekend.
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