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Originally Posted by btblueskies View Post
Question: Anyone using air-soft pellets to balance their tires?

I have been trying it for a while and it is working quite well. I did have to increase the weight to 4 oz in the front tire to get it to smooth out... 3oz may have worked. I started with two ounces, dropped a 2oz wheel weight, and about 80 there is a bit of a vibration. I was debating if I should go to 3oz and try again, or double it to 4oz to avoid the hassle of adding yet again.

I am pondering if too many beads will cause problems.... thoughts?
Air soft pellets seem like they would be too big and of too little density to do the job that Dyna Beads do. I just put Dyna Beads in and they are maybe .020" dia. at the largest, and probably made of ceramic. I've talked to someone who believes Dyna Beads are just ceramic bead-blasting media and found a 50 lb. bucket for about $200. If a bunch of us go in on a bucket, that's $4 a pound (about 4-8 tires worth), vs. about $80/lb. when sold as "Dyna Beads". I'm gonna PM the dude and see if he's looked into this further.
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