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Originally Posted by atg View Post
Not only it works perfectly but charges the 660's battery as well !

On my GSW I've swapped the BMW GPS mount for the Zumo 660; not the whole mount just the central part ( with the BMW logo on it ) that that is similar to the one that comes with the Zumo 660.

The Zumo 660 has 2 wired headphones outputs: one is on the left side of the GPS under a rubber cap and the other, on a pig tail connected to the 660's mount. When mounted on the GSW GPS mount the unit's plug is not accessible as its blocked by the BMW's mount.

I did this so I can listen to music and driving informations through wired headphones (attached to the pigtails plug ) as I find bluetooth headphones cumbersome and with low audio quality.

It is fairly easy to do this as the mount is hold with 4 screws and nuts. I had to remove the right the bike's fairings to conect the power wires and to attach the headphone female plug to the bike where I plug the headphones.

Just thought I would share the idea.

I use my 660 on my previous bike wired too. Do I need to cut cables to switch mounts or can I simply disconnect the wires from the BMW mount? Can you post pictures how you did this? Tnx!

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