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[QUOTE=DogBoy;21294599]"Oh My Gawd! Did you hear what Brittany said about Courtney's friend Kayla? Well Courtney was like All Up in Brittany's shit defending Kayla. Kayla mostly stayed out of it but was like Not Even Happy about Brittany talking shit and really kind of pissed but still it was a shitty thing for Brittany to say even if Brittany wasn't super-serious about dumping on Kayla because Brittany justs acts like a bitch sometimes and everbody still mostly likes Brittany and nobody really liked Courtney or Kayla anway until this whole thing blew up."[

They, like all the inmates here are entitled to their opinions.
If Dani does not win another championship he still gets my respect for detirmination and cojones!.
Two collarbones in short succession and he's still there near the front.
The sport needs more like Dani that can spring to the front and bring some excitement to what was proving lacklustre in 2012.
MOTOGP seems to create more interest off track at times.
My 2c worth.

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