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F1 has actually gotten better the last 2 years or so with the new tire rules and no fueling. But that said, yes SX is way livelier {is that a word?} than most F1 races.
That is 1 reason why SX, a even more so MX, is my all time favorite motorsport, to watch and to participate in.It has more variables than any other motorsport IMHO. Other racers, multiple brands of machines-all competitive, banking, off camber, 90* 180* turns and you already have more variables than most pavement sports but then add whoops, jumps, mixed dirt surfaces IE sand, mud, clay and hard pack all on any given track. Finally when I hear Nascar complain about how "different" a track changes over a couple hour race because of "temperature" changes....yeah, try 12" deep ruts developing on the face and landing of 75' triple racing there is anywhere is on a dirtbike. Hell, best SPORT anywhere is dirtbike racing...I can not stand stick and ball sports by comparison...those are not sports, those are "games".
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