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Originally Posted by Emmbeedee View Post
Anyone here ordered from MX1Canada? Juames? Drif10?

We have two sets of tires coming from them, with "Free Shipping", but I'm not impressed with that particular option. The tires are coming via Greyhound and their tracking page shows nothing but the parcel pickup date. Nothing at all about where the parcel is or when to expect it.

Hardly what I call impressive.
Greyhound? That's a new one on me. Last I talked to them (about 6 weeks ago), they had just started to use UPS. Up until then, it had been either by post or Purolator.

Any of the 3, it took a week, and I had tracking. I'd call them, this don't sound right.

I've found them to be excellent to deal with, really invested in doing right by their customers.
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