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Originally Posted by TeeVee View Post
it is of course doable. like carrying back 20 kilos of snow white powder on your next trip to colombia. as long as no catches you you will be fine.

but seriously, why take the risk of having your vehicle impounded in a foreign country, possibly being detained yourself for some unknown period of time in a country where you likely don't speak the language all that well, have few if any contacts or friends, all to save a bit of time and effort. sorta like saving the $12 by not buying nicaraguan insurance. will you get away with it? most likely. is it worth the hassle if you don't. No..........
You left out the possibility for torture by boiling tar, dull knives, and some other methods commonly used....on get them in line.

You are quite right: do are you're told, and do as they say. There lies your safety and path forward in life.

Yes, why.....
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