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Originally Posted by Lone Rider View Post
You left out the possibility for torture by boiling tar, dull knives, and some other methods commonly used....on get them in line.

You are quite right: do are you're told, and do as they say. There lies your safety and path forward in life.

Yes, why.....
holy shit! i should've looked before i said anything. coming from a guy with damn near 25,000 posts on an internet forum, i shouldda known better than to doubt your sagacity.

hopefully people are smart enuf to not listen to horseshit from people that advise them to break the law in foreign countries, especially when it may cost them not only their property but their freedom. if not, they get what they deserve. i mean fuck! that's what adventure is all about, right?

and this from a guy who wasn't intending to break the law:

yeah, 25 days stuck in a foreign country with your bike in lock-up. that's fun AND adventurous!!!
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