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Originally Posted by ABHulgan View Post
I've heard of throwing rocks, ball bearings, spark plugs, and now pennies, over the shoulder to back off tailgaters. Does it occur to these folks how vulnerable they really are on a moto? However fast they can ride, they still risk having a raging driver behind them in a multi-ton killing machine.

I don't carry a whip on my handlebar, and I'm a right-handed shooter, so that isn't gonna work for me either ( I doubt I'd be a very effective shot anyway, while trying to ride a bike). This kinda stuff reminds me of an old video game Road Rash.

I've never had luck speeding up, as the cars always catch up on the straights. If I can't get over to let them by, I've had luck simply waving them back. Often they don't realize how close they really are.

Pissing someone off and risking an escalation is the last thing I want out on the road. Too many instances of average folks killing each other. A while back, a small incident escalated to a point where one guy killed another with a crossbow, of all things, while the dead/dying guy's kid sat in the front seat watching. Both people were average, 9to5 family people whose tempers got the best of them. So go ahead and be a penny-chucking badass if you want to be.
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