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Originally Posted by Dr WhipIt View Post
Air soft pellets seem like they would be too big and of too little density to do the job that Dyna Beads do. I just put Dyna Beads in and they are maybe .020" dia. at the largest, and probably made of ceramic. I've talked to someone who believes Dyna Beads are just ceramic bead-blasting media and found a 50 lb. bucket for about $200. If a bunch of us go in on a bucket, that's $4 a pound (about 4-8 tires worth), vs. about $80/lb. when sold as "Dyna Beads". I'm gonna PM the dude and see if he's looked into this further.
+1 and I would be willing to go in for some of the beads. Shouldn't be a problem to come up with 20 folks on here to buy $10 worth. What I really need to do is talk the shop at work into using this type of beads
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