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Originally Posted by Happy Seal View Post
I was in a local bike shop and there was a guy I know there that was pulled over by a DEEP agent who was on the warpath for a guy on a 450 that was riding around the ballfileds over and over with loud exhaust doing wheelies and stuff. A group of people with children called the ranger station to complain. I texted Rob at about 11:30 AM on Sat morn (so this happened Friday night)to give him a heads up in case it was anyone there at the C&R. It could have been a different group. In a seperate incident DEEP were looking for two KTM riders on 2 strokes that were caught going very fast on one of the dirt roads but ran from the cops.
No one was accusing you just trying to keep our group in the good category.
weird.. Most of us were camped pretty close to the soccer field there and yeah there were a few loud bikes (such as my f650) and a few people that rode OUT of the campground a little too aggressively but I don't think any of us heard/saw anyone ripping around in the field or anywhere in the campground for that matter. We would have told them to cut the shit before the group of people with children had the chance to call the police.. I got there around 4pm Friday and was at camp all evening and I never heard or saw anything like that...

There were a good number of bikes in the campground, at least 25 riders minimum spread out over at least 5 or 6 campsites... I suspect someone called the police and exaggerated what was going on to make it sound illegal.. And as Ken pointed out.. How would they know it was a 450 while it was supposedly blasting wheelies through the field? I can barely tell the difference between a 2 stroke and a 4 stroke ktm when it's parked. All the four strokes that are under 950cc look the same to me!

When in doubt, gas it. It will either fix the problem, or at the very least end the suspense.

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