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Man this moving shit sure takes a lot out of you. But the results are excellent I must say. Hack did an awesome job painting both houses but the new house is phenomenal! Not really a new house but the paint makes it look and feel new!

Podiatrist says indeed I did crack a little toe bone but there is not much to do for it but to tape her to the next toe for a few weeks. When I go back yet again in 3 weeks we shall discuss surgical options to treat the arthritis in my big toe - decompression osteotomy. Long recovery period, 10 weeks of not riding after 10 days of minimal activity immediately after surgery.Fortunately it is elective surgery so I can plan in advance so as to miss the least number of ADV events. Perhaps surgery in december, recovery in January and February to be ready for some early spring (or late winter) rides? We'll see. Even with the broke little toe the foot is feeling better every day.
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