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General Questions

How many miles per day should be expected - the only mention I saw of mileage was to have a range of at least 80 miles and to show up for the SS with a full tank, so I get that the SS will be 80 miles or less, but what about overall mileage?

Tech inspection is in a TBD location in Enseneda, so I assume the start is as well. Will the finish be in the same location or somewhere else?

Will there be any "Spectator friendly" areas along the route (even if it is a liaison) that chase vehicles/support crews can get to in order to watch their riders come through and maybe snap a couple of pics? I know this is tricky as the route is to be kept a closely guarded secret until the night before.

It is indicated that there should be no assistance to riders on course, is there any limitation to the support provided at the bivouac at the end of each day or can crews work on the bikes from the moment a rider arrives until he is scheduled to leave?

I only ask because I keep getting asked these questions and "I don't know" is good enough for me, but not so much for the family. . .

da Vermonster

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