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Hey guys,
Thanks for the nice comments!
Glad you're still reading this.

Originally Posted by NSFW View Post
we're heading south this coming weekend for 9 days.
Hopefully NSFW is having a great time in Baja right now...
and will be doing a ride report when he gets back (right, Joel? )

Originally Posted by dmaxmike View Post
I’m not bashing but I just have to know… how does the Honda do with Adventures in the bed and pulling a trailer. You are the only people I have ever seen use that thing as a utility vehicle and I love it!

Great ride report as always!
Good question, dmaxmike!

haha, I know - it's only "truck-ish"
but the Ridgeline does surprisingly well.

Obviously it's not as capable as Radek's massive 2500HD and could never pull a loaded car trailer,
but the Honda is perfect for us.
We live in a city apartment and have no offstreet parking so a big truck is out of the question.
Matt can parallel park the Honda in pretty tight spots.

I know the bed can take a 990 and a smaller bike (like an XR650), but two 990s is pretty tight.
When we did the Baja Wan-Thousand, we had one 990 in the back and a 990 and 950SE in the trailer.
And we had all kinds of luggage and gear for 4 adults.
It handled the load just fine, even up and down the Grapevine (a long 6% grade between N and S california).
I think we were all pretty comfortable, too.
With heated leather seats, it's almost as plush as our last car!

We got around 15 mpg on that trip.
Not great mileage, but not bad.
Just drove across the country (2500 miles) and got 21 mpg (no trailer).

When we were at Scott's house, Ceasar (KTMADV) said it had won all kinds of "truck of the year" awards -
I think he did more research on the Ridgeline than we did!
Googling around, I see it also did really well in crash tests and won the Baja 1000 stock mini class in 2008 and 2010.
So far, we're totally happy with it.
It's a decent car/truck blend.

Originally Posted by Just Paul View Post
sorry to hear about your grandma sweater. Maybe Klim can hook you up with something like the windbreaker they sell
Aww, unfortunately Klim cannot compete with the perfection that was my grandma sweater...
It was 70% silk, 30% cotton and 100% wonderful.
I have an old cashmere sweater (also Goodwill!!) that might make a mediocre replacement.
We'll see...

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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