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Cool2 Another Test-Ride Reaction

[QUOTE=Kokopelli;21296845]Just got back from an hour long test ride.

Things I liked:
Ergonomics, so much better, seat on high, nice and narrow.
Power, shit it goes.
Brakes, outstanding
Wind-shield, nice
Sound, much better than the old standard exhaust sound.
Cruise control, loved it.

Things I can take or leave:
Gearbox, the way it shifts
Adjustable suspension, have not used the bike on gravel, so not sure.
The water-cooling, completely unobtrusive, didn't bother me at all.

Things I didn't like:
Instruments, it's harder to see what's going on, dials too small
Throttle, takes a while to get used to
Brake leaver, seemed to pull too far in, but was probably adjusted for a shorted fingered midget.
A lot of plastic, still like the over all look , though

To add to Kokopelli's post from my own recent two-hour test ride:

I also liked the amazingly smooth final drive to the shaft—no driveline lash whatsoever!

I would move the Gearbox issues to "didn't like" (stiff and obdurate), and I would take the throttle off the "didn't like" list (I'm used to a very twitchy Tiger 1050 throttle, so the GS's throttle seemed fine to me).
Also I didn't like the very noticeable and intrusive high-frequency vibration that starts at about 5k, peaks at about 6k, and disappears by about 6.5k (i.e. at the most torquey/useful part of the range). Was this just a freak thing with this demo bike? (No one else seems to have mentioned it).
And I did not like the pathetic cheap little indicator switch that has virtually no "feel" to it, making you check the dash to see if the indicators are working.

Overall, I was mightily impressed, with the exception of the vibration: that might be a show-stopper for me.

Any other info. regarding high-frequency vibration would be appreciated. I have ridden GSs before, but not for long periods of time on the road.

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