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I'd concur with the weight/size way of doing things.

To me weight is no problem, it's bulk, the size of things.

Shoes are a challenge. Bedding. A chair? Air pumps. Foodstuffs for a couple of days or more. My bags just fill up without weighing too much.

Depends how much 'comfort' one desires. Sure you can manage without a chair or three bottles of wine, but you need a soft warm bed and pillow don't you?

If we are doing Motel trips I can manage with just a top box. But for camping I seem to need a shit load of stuff that is bulky if not heavy.

I'd say clothes are the least problem of all. You wear the same pants/boots/jacket every day. It's all the other stuff that takes up room.

20 pounds more doesn't bother me if it fits.
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