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Originally Posted by Double_U View Post
I use my 660 on my previous bike wired too. Do I need to cut cables to switch mounts or can I simply disconnect the wires from the BMW mount? Can you post pictures how you did this? Tnx!


Sorry I cano not post pictures yet... However, I wrote a tutorial on the procedure. Hope it will shine a light on how to do it.

Tutorial on how to switch the BMW Navigator IV for a ZUMO 660/665 on a R 1200 GSW

1 I suggest that before starting a photo is taken of the original GPS mount, with and without the GPS mounted. This way you will have a future reference to its position on the bike. The picture should be taken straight on showing also the bike's dashboard, again for future position reference.
2 Reove the left side fairing to gain access to the GPS connector. Notice that the GPS cable has 2 connectors, however only one is used.
3 Uncrew the 4 screws that hold the mount together. Be careful not to lose that back nuts. For future reference notice that these crews are only lightly tightened as the GPS's mount is rubber mounted.
4 Remove the mount and take to a clean, well lit area.
5 Unscrew all the philips crews that hold the front and back of the mount together.
6 Very carefully open both halves as there are 2 springs inside. One pressurizes the left side lever and the other pressures the top locking tab. Notice the springs positions.
7 To the same to the original ZUMO mount as it is necessary to switch the left side levers. On the BMW mount this lever is longer than on the ZUMO and its necessary to have the longer one to be alble to remove the ZUMO from the BMW mount.
8 Reassamble both mounts and safe keep the BMW original mount now with the short left lever.
9 Mount the modified ZUMO mount on your bike. Notice that if yoy adjust its angle properly it will be unlikelly that it will block the tach. (rpm meter).
10 If possible, instead of the original nuts, use self locking nuts with a nylon insert. As these shouldn't be over tightened the original nuts may come off.
11 You may either connect the ZUMO's wiring straight to the bike's battery or to the original BMW's GPS plug.
The first method has the advantage of leaving the bike's original wiring intact but the GPS will not be switched off by the ignition.
The second method requires that you cut and splice the ZUMO's wiring to the original BMW's wiring ( that was my personnal choice ).
12 Obviously the multi switch on the left handlebar will continue to not work with the ZUMO.
13 If you want to use the wired audio output, in fact the only reason to switch mounts, you may attach it to a convenient location for easy plug in. On my GSW I mounted it on the low black fairing turned down as to prevent rain to infiltrate.

Sorry abou eventual spelling mistakes but English is not my maiden language...

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