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The list of "To Do:"

It's getting longer and longer... But, I'm glad I have this time to research all of these things. Stuff like:

- Chain Slider (Drill out and bolt through with nylocs)
- Removing pesky anti-theft screws in gas caps
- The gear switch mod for 2nd/3rd gear
- Cutting down the rear mud guard a 1/4" (was an issue on my Dakar till I ripped it off somehow... )
- Drilling tiny holes in the back bottom of the swingarm

Again, if there are any other critical things you can think of that an owner of a brand new 990 can take care before getting waaaaaay out on the trails where something can bite me in the arse, please feel free to add it to this thread! I will most probably be editing/adding to the first or second post with a list of what will be/has been done to this 990 for my reference and anyone else.

Looking at spring rates for the stock measly 210mm height of the base 990 (In Canada it was the only new 990 available to us so I'm forced to build it up to what I need it for), but I can't find a decent weight to spring rate chart. I will most likely be tinkering with it until I take out the forks and shock this fall and send them to SPS (the Canadian suspension place I listed before didn't even reply to my email so... SPS it is, ) for a complete over haul to "S" (265mm) specs. If .48's are in them now, I should be able to bump them up to .54's with no issues. Might save a bit later when SPS redoes everything, might not...

I keep looking at toys for it too... an 8" OnX LED bar would be frackin' sweet on the front end, but I don't do a heck of a lot of night riding, or at least I try not too. We'll see how well the stock HID's and headlamp work together and I'll go from there. *tapping my toe for another 33 days till I get home...*

Smile of the day:

The Dakar beside my '79 R65 (sold a few years ago) all in pieces after I fixed up a mates Dakar and sent him on his way to Central America. It was getting on to winter and I wouldn't be riding for a month or more so the only thing I could think of better than riding was helping someone else continue THEIR ride! Was a few throttle body pieces he needed and a vacuum sensor. Turns out 100kms down the road he needed a fuel filter/regulator too... :(

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